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2012 St. Joseph, Missouri Floodplain Workshops

Announcing the 2012 St. Joseph, Missouri Floodplain Workshops!

Workshop Descriptions:

Elevation Certificate Workshop The Elevation Certificate Workshop is designed for local floodplain administrators, surveyors, engineers, and others who deal with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The course will provide an understanding of the information needed to properly complete an Elevation Certificate.

Registration fee: $25 The following hours have been approved for attendees:  4 Continuing Education Credits for Certified Floodplain Managers 4 Professional Development Hours

Quick 2/BFE Determination Workshop The Quick 2/BFE Determination Workshop is designed for floodplain administrators, surveyors, and engineers. Quick 2 is a simple computer program designed by FEMA to calculate BFEs for un-numbered A Zones.

Registration fee:  $25 4 Continuing Education Credits for Certified Floodplain Managers 4 Professional Development Hours

A LAPTOP IS REQUIRED FOR THIS WORKSHOP!!  * People wishing to attend this workshop must bring a laptop computer and have the ability to install Quick 2 software (provided) or have it installed on their laptop prior to attending. Software can be downloaded from the following website: (

Date, Time and Location of the Workshops: 

The following courses are being offered in  St. Joseph, Missouri, at this location: Remington Nature Center of St. Joseph 1502 MacArthur Drive St. Joseph, MO  64505

June 5,   2012             Elevation Certificate Workshop                 1:00pm—5:00pm June 6,   2012             Quick 2/BFE Determination Workshop     8:00am—12:00pm

Registration for the 2012 Training Workshops is easy!  Regonline is an online course registration site designed to make workshop registration simple.  Access course registration at:

Please contact Tami Soncrant with any questions. She may be reached by email, phone, or fax at the following:

Email: Phone:  (573) 526-9115      Fax:  (573) 526-9198

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