At the end of each year, all remaining undedicated proceeds cumulatively from annual education/training events are assigned for disbursement to the ASCE/AEG/UMKC Peck-Garstang-Williams Scholarship Endowment Program. This was initiated back in 2001 after a successful year of income resulting from both a specialty seminar co-hosted on Drilled Shafts jointly with ADSC, along with our annual conference keynoted by Dr. Ralph Peck, Mimi Garstang, and James Williams; as a means of returning in-part to our engineering/geology community. The subsequent savings has progressively grown each year with the Kansas City Section ASCE acting as the host sponsor and accounting administrator.

The savings remained hosted within ASCE Kansas City Section until a substantial outlay could be made to UMKC to initiate this endowment program on June 3, 2004 in the amount of a check for $14,000. Since that time the annual payments into the UMKC-overseen endowment have grown substantially with time; now at just under $135,000.

The endowment account has averaged a 5% annual return back to UMKC over recent years, that is split equally and shared between both the Civil Engineering Department (School of Computing and Engineering) and Geology Department (College of Arts and Sciences); unique as the only known such shared scholarship program in the nation between two separate colleges at a higher level institution of education.

The first scholarship recipients consisted of one student from each college during the 2005 – 2006 Academic Year. Since then we have now recognized a total of 24 scholarship recipients with individual annual scholarships to assist with their education course work and other fees; progressively growing each year to approximately $3000/college as of recently that is distributed to either one or two students per college annually.

As the result of many years of local sponsorship since 1992, along with helping to make their space available for many of these state-of-the-art engineering & construction events, both ASCE and AEG wish to recognize the professors and staff of UMKC who have individually dedicated their time and support to this long-term sustainable scholarship program.